My book review as a reader, not an analyst
This book was basically Beauty and the Beast if Belle was Katniss and the castle was in a faerie realm. I’m not necessarily complaining about this because these are all things I’m interested in. But I wasn’t as into this book as everyone else seems to be. I’m not really sure why. While I used to really love YA fantasy, I think I’m moving past that or just not that into it right now. I wouldn’t say I was bored throughout this book, but I also didn’t breeze through it like I thought I would. I got more interested in the last maybe third of the book, when they were Under the Mountain. That section was filled with action and was thrilling and had me really interested in what would happen next. I think this is an interesting world, but I felt like the world-building in this book was confusing most of the time. I have a lot of questions after finishing this. Many of which are probably answered in the sequels. Which I do think I’ll read. I think past me would have really loved this but I’m just not in this kind of place right now.
3.5 stars

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