✶ Summary ✶
Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging follows 14 year old Georgia Nicolson as her summer break comes to an end, and she starts the school year. This book is told in diary format with every little thought Georgia has throughout the day. While still on summer break, she complains about not having friends but also hangs out with her friends numerous times. All she thinks about is wanting a boyfriend. She starts the school year, and her friend, Jas, has a crush on a guy who works at the grocery store. The girls come up with plans on how to get his attention and such. One day the plan is for Georgia to talk to him and find out what school he goes to, but then his brother walks in, and Georgia is speechless. She refers to him as Sex God until she learns his name is Robbie. Georgia finds out that there’s this guy that girls at school use to learn how to kiss. She goes to his house and learns how to kiss. Later she attends a bonfire party where she meets a guy named Mark. They talk a few times after that, and then he asks her if she has a boyfriend; she says no. He grabs her breast then walks away. Later he comes to her house and asks her to go to a party with him. So they go to the party, and Mark and his friends storm the stage and a fight starts. Robbie’s band was playing at the party so now he and Georgia are like archnemeses, Georgia decides to break up with Mark, but he breaks up with her first. Jas did date the guy at the grocery store, but they broke up then Robbie asked her out to coffee so Georgia and Jas had a falling out but, the coffee thing was actually Robbie asking Jas about his brother. Jas and Georgia become friends again and start stalking Robbie’s girlfriend together. Robbie’s band is playing a gig so Georgia and all of her friends go. When she’s standing outside, he goes out there and kisses her. When she goes to school next, Robbie’s girlfriend comes up to her and accuses her of going after Robbie and says he told her that. A few days later Robbie goes to Georgia's house and tells her that he’s been wanting to break up with his girlfriend and is finally going to do it, but he can’t date Georgia because he’s almost 18 and she’s 14. She is heartbroken. Fifteen days pass, and he decides he will date her. 
✶ Toxicity ✶
As you can tell from the summary, this book is just a lot of teen drama. And the toxicity starts on page 1. Literally in the first paragraph, Georgia jokes about committing suicide because her uncle is annoying her. Georgia is the most toxic character I have ever read about. She slut-shames, jokes about mental illness, objectifies men, and is terrible to her friends (both verbally and physically, she bullies them multiple times and actually refers to Jas as like having a dog more than a friend). She is homophobic, sexist, racist, transphobic, and fataphobic; she is against everything and is filled with so much toxic hate. She participates in dangerous behaviors to get the attention of boys, like hanging out with strangers, going into a stranger’s house, and at one point her and her friends walk up and down the road to see how many boys will honk their horns at them. She self-pities herself so much but also thinks she’s better than everyone else. One of her friends talks about dating someone in their 30’s and Georgia contemplates doing this as well. A boy literally grabbed her breast, and she was okay with it? It meant they had started dating? Also she has no problem with Robbie cheating on his girlfriend with her. Also, even though Robbie knows it’s wrong to date someone that is much younger than him, he does it anyway. Now, this story is told like a diary so yes these are supposed to be Georgia’s private thoughts. But it’s a book written for teens and features teens behaving terribly, and it teaches a lot of bad messages.
✶ Quotes ✶
I can already feel myself getting fed up with boys and I haven’t had anything to do with them yet. Oh God, please, please don’t make me have to be a lesbian like Hairy Kate or Miss Stamp. What do lesbians do, anyway?
[In her dad's tie drawer] It was a sort of apron thing in a special box. I hope against hope that my dad is not a transvestite. It would be more than flesh and blood could stand if I had to “understand” his feminine side.
When I open the door Jas just looks at me like I’m an alien. “You look like an alien,” she says. She really is a dim friend. It’s more like having a dog than a friend, actually.
After a bit of number-six kissing Robbie said, “Well, look, let’s take it easy and start seeing each other, shall we…see how it goes, maybe keep it a bit quiet from people at first?” [Georgia and her friends have a snogging scale, 6 is tongues]
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