My book review as a reader, not an analyst
I think the one thing this book did well was nail how melodramatic teens are. This book was told in diary format of the main character, and it did feel like a teen’s thoughts. I think I was very different from her as a teen, but I do know girls like her exist. This was an entertaining book and was sorta funny at times. But a lot of this humor stems from how horrible of a person Georgia is. She is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, fataphobic, honestly she is against everything and is filled with so much toxic hate. She was infuriating to read about. She is so inappropriate and has very skewed priorities. I understand that being a teen is finding yourself and discovering interest in romantic partners. But it’s literally all she can think about. That and how ugly she is (she talks about her nose every other page). Also, the main guy she’s interested in is 18 while she is 14! Also, she is a terrible friend to her friends. I’m not sure if young me would have liked this book. Young me didn’t like the movie. But I think while this book is funny and some teens may be able to relate to it, it gives a lot of bad messages.
2.5 stars

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