My book review as a reader, not an analyst
If I had read this book in middle school, I would have loved it. Adult me? In 2021? Mm, not so much. You can tell it was written in 2007 because it sounds like it was written in 2007. It’s very much “you want a gay character? Here’s a gay character, and I will say he’s gay every other page because that’s basically his only personality trait.” The writing just wasn’t good. A lot of this is probably because of when it’s written, but also I’ve read books written then that I didn’t think had bad writing so it’s not an excuse. The slut-shaming in this book was crazy. Zoey bonded with her new friends by slut-shaming and speaking badly about the mean girls (who were very mean but still). Zoey was “not like other girls”, and she was a total dork because she owned glasses and liked Star Wars (her words). Also, a pet peeve of mine, but I hate when characters in books talk about something and one of them goes “But that’s fiction, this is real life” like vampires exist in this world but everything that happened in Star Wars is way too far-fetched? Yeah, sure it’s sorta funny but I feel like it’s a cheap joke. And I’m so over the chosen one trope. Because, like this book, everything happens way too quickly and way too unrealistically (the ending specifically really annoyed me). The storyline itself wasn’t too bad. I was interested enough, and these vampires (vampyres as it’s spelled in the book) were different than other vampire stories and did witch-like rituals, which was sort of a refreshing change. But overall, I would not recommend this book.
2.5 stars

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