My book review as a reader, not an analyst
This book was written like poetry. It wasn’t in verse format but the language used reminded me of poetry. But at the same time, it was written thought by thought that a teenager would have. Every little detail. I couldn’t necessarily relate to Melinda, but she felt real. The plot was slow to present itself. If you don’t know the plot going into the book, it takes a long time to piece together what you’re reading about. So it was a little slow to read. I don’t want to call it boring because I think it was written exactly how it needed to be. But I do think some people would lose interest in it due to this. I think this book was very well written for the subject matter and showed depression in a way I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a YA book before. I think this representation is very important, and I think every teen should read this. 
4 stars

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