My book review as a reader, not an analyst
This is a phenomenal book. It covers so many important topics. This book perfectly captures the inner turmoil, the back and forth, that happens in an abusive relationship. It also perfectly shows how much overthinking and worry girls go through on how they present themselves, in how other people will view them. It shows how everyone has an opinion about everything and how real victim blaming is. All of this was written perfectly, and there were so many moments where I’d read a line and just stop to take it in. I’d read the lines over and over because they were just so powerful. My only complaint with this book is the set up of the chapters. I really like the idea, that everyone has different sides of themselves and different faces they show depending on the situation. But I feel like it was written purposely confusing in the beginning and even going back to re-read some sections, they just don’t quite fit, in my opinion. But still, this was an amazing book and I think every person should read it (if they can, it is definitely a triggering book so keep that in mind!) Especially teens; dating violence is very prevalent and knowing the signs could prevent long-lasting emotional damage and save lives.
4.5 stars

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